Alca Chemical was established in 1979 in the outskirts of Turin. For more than 30 years, with passion and commitment, we have been dealing with the production of professional detergents. We work with enthusiasm and believe in what we do. We are aware of our resources and our reliability is the result of our daily approach to work: giving ourselves a challenge, in order to achieve intelligent, practical and simple solutions to complex problems. Our aims are: the satisfaction of our customers, the professional well-being and gratification of our employees, environmental protection and constant scientific and technological research and innovation.


The close relationship with our customers let us to be always up-to-date with daily problems that may arise in this sector. In relation to these matters, we are very open-minded, creative and patient, in order to find new ad-hoc solutions that can satisfy our clients’ needs. Everyday we take a new challenge and this is also the driving force that lead us toward future progress. Thanks to our customers, we keep an open, curious and optimistic state of mind.


We have the privilege of counting on a team of people, who dedicate their time and expertise in order to make the company grow. The direction is given by the synergy, balance and perseverance of our group. Each professional operates individually, but at the same time he/she contributes to the overall view, being aware of belonging to a Whole, which is more than the simple sum of different parts.


The planet does not belong to us and it is our responsibility to think about the future of our next generations. This is the reason why the company realizes eco-friendly working strategies, monitoring the consumption of energy and water, the waste management and raising awareness in our clients about environmental issues. According to our experience, we are certain that quality and biodiversity protection can coexist; we feel passionate about this challenge, which we consider right and proper.


Our products are the result of experience, expertise and creativity. The lab is constantly looking for innovative and eco-friendly solutions in order to meet our client’s needs. Our care for detergents involves every phase of the production process: from the choice of raw materials to the printing of labels. We believe in transparency, quality and in the customer’s right to know what he or she is buying.

What we believe in

We consider our company an open system, which interacts with people and the surrounding environment through a constant exchange of energy and passion. We think we achieved quite satisfying results, but now our main purpose is to go beyond them. And we believe that human relationships inside and outside Alca are the common thread which let us to regularly change our point of view and better ourselves, making the impossible possible.


We manufacture high quality products and express with them our attention for clients’ demand.  A team of experts and commitment to environmental sustainability are our additional assets.


We are growing in a global and more interconnected world, without losing our enthusiasm for discovery. We remain attached to our roots and our history, strictly bound to local territory.

Our values

Competent knowledge, enthusiasm for innovation, full dedication to work, open-minded approach to changes, professional ethics, adaptability to personal client’s requests, trust-based relationships, accuracy, precision, attention for quality and environmental care are our strenghts and values which lead us in our job.

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