Alca Chemical


Environment safeguard approach

ALCA CHEMICAL S.r.l., fully conscious of the fundamental need for environment protection required to achieve a sustainable development ,has decided to integrate in its operating procedures a Sistema Ambientale  (environment safeguard system) in conformity with International Standard UNI EN ISO 14001
The management's fundamental objectives have been laid out in the following chart:
  • All the company's operations will fully comply with the present and future rules and regulations.
  • Work with the company's supplier for the comprehensive collection and recycling of the finished products and of the raw materials.
  • Streamline use of water resources in its production processes,
  • Reduced to a minimum the use of water for washing purposes.
  • Monitor the consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • Promote all measures necessary to safeguard the health of its employees.
  • Sponsor company's employees  environment protection awareness through training.
  • Streamline waste management by promoting customer awareness and involvement in environment protection actions.
  • Supply customers with all necessary information for the correct use and disposal of ALCA products.
ALCA CHEMICAL'S actions will not be limited to the aforementioned but will be continuously directed towards an ever increasing efficiency of its Sistema di Gestione Ambientale.