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02 MAY

Problems in the kitchen?

On the most recent professional stainless steel cookers, the hob carries a nickel chrome sheeting to reduce grease deposit build-ups. Inevitably, even the best cook will leave behind some soil and in several instances does not know how to avoid damaging the protective plating. Our DETERGO and PULIFORNO cut away grease without harming the plating. Our best competitors' kitchen cleaning products caution: "Do not use on stainless steel, scratch free or grease free surfaces" (including nickel chrome plated surfaces).
The user's question : "How do I get rid of grease and soil with all these warnings?"
The obvious answer : ALCA.

02 MAY

New ALCA products- click on product

Floor detergent deodorizer.

Multi purpose detergent.

Floor finish for high traffic areas.

Floor finish with oriental scent.

02 MAY

Out of children's reach, close to your needs.

From the very beginning ALCA has considered service one of the mainstays of company policy. Professional, competent, timely and environment conscious service, but also and mainly the ability to stay in touch with our customer's expectations.
In order to satisfy  one of the most recent requests ALCA has decided to fit all its bottle-packed products with a child proof opening cap and an induction welded seal.
The solution provides a  fool-proof cap which cannot be accidentally opened  and a leak proof seal that insured the origin, integrity and proper conservation of the product during transport and delivery.
A further service that proves our continuous search for improved solutions.